Zane Furtado, Acquire Online’s Programmatic Director speaks on ‘Viewability – the New Digital Currency’ in the latest issue of ‘Marketing Insights’

Posted by Zane Furtado on Jun 1, 2016 1:41:22 PM

Many online advertising providers, including Acquire Online, are starting to make headway into trading on 100% viewability. However, Acquire Online is pushing the bar higher by trading not only on 100% viewable impressions but on 100% human and viewable impressions.

Viewability – the new digital currency

If 50% of an online ad is on screen for a minimum of one second and 50% of a video ad is on screen for two seconds, the Media Rating Council defines that impression as a viewable impression.

The push for viewability has mainly been driven by agencies and clients and in turn has driven publishers to adapt to the demand for being accountable in a digital world. Understanding viewability of the ads has also been gaining more attention recently given the capability of digital platforms to offer higher measurability and transparency. Just because an ad is below the fold and has a lower viewability rate than something above the fold it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will perform worse. Viewable impression is becoming the new metrics of currency and establishing standard viewability benchmarks will be a step in the right direction.

A common question advertisers ask is: 'What percentage of my online ads are actually viewed?' Integral Ad Science estimated only 43% of all Australian online ads were viewable in Q4 of 2015. This is also where New Zealand sits.

100% viewable

Many agencies, including Acquire Online, are starting to make headway into trading on 100% viewability. However, Acquire Online is pushing the bar higher by trading not only on 100% viewable impressions but on 100% human and viewable impressions. Acquire Online works with pre-bid as well as post-bid partners to make sure that the inventory purchased is transparent, bot-free and performing. Acquire Online is the first trading desk in New Zealand to adopt MOAT (an industry leading Attention Analysis for viewability) on all campaigns.

Jonah Goodhart, CEO Moat, has said, “We are thrilled to partner with Acquire Online to power ad viewability, non-human traffic and attention analytics. This exciting partnership will provide a transparent, unified and real- time view across all impressions and buy- types which we believe is necessary in giving brands the confidence they need to further invest in digital.” MOAT not only gives advertisers access to a live dashboard of their campaigns but also makes the entire programmatic buying process transparent. The MOAT system also tracks non-human traffic and eliminate websites that are showing high levels of fraudulent activity. Acquire Online maintains a blacklist of 2400 sites that the company feels are under-performing or have a low traffic quality score. Ad viewability represents a significant change in the way online media is traded. Greater ad viewability will undoubtedly increase performance.

Not just advertisers

Viewability is not an issue for advertisers and ad-tech companies to solve alone. Publishers are reacting to the demand for more viewable inventory. Some are redesigning their websites to promise higher numbers of ads in view, even guaranteeing viewable space.

The need to focus on true business outcomes

Being able to tout 100 percent viewability does not get you any closer to driving true business outcomes, and in fact, can distract you from the metrics that do correlate to your outcomes -- finding the right audience, supply mix, and creative messaging, and then valuing each element appropriately. As more advertisers use viewability as a yardstick to measure ad effectiveness, you should consider that this arena is still new and nuanced.

The 5 Benefits of Better Viewability and Verification

Better quality traffic and higher click through rates
Better performance – an improvement in CPA (Cost per Acquisition) of over 16%
The opportunity to undertake online Brand Campaigns
Improved client transparency
Provides confidence to invest more in digital

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Acquire online can now measure Facebook video ads with Moat

Posted by Zane Furtado on Jun 1, 2016 12:33:09 PM

The new feature will give advertisers the ability to measure viewability of their video ads on Facebook.

Moat technology verifies video ad views and view lengths, giving interested advertisers assurance that they know exactly how their video campaigns are performing. It currently only supports newsfeed video but FB plans to scale Moat verification to include all other types of news feed ads, including 100% in-view impressions, and the Instagram platform.

Acquire online now has the capability to track and measure viewability on all display, mobile web and Facebook video campaigns. We are constantly working with third party verification vendors to introduce tracking and measurement on native and in-app ads for the future.

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