The Game of RTB

Posted by Zane Furtado on Jun 17, 2016 11:23:29 AM



The Game of RTB 

When the gods of adland introduced the word 'programmatic' to the industry, it was immediately decreed that use of the word in everyday conversation would immediately put all those within earshot to sleep. This obviously makes it quite difficult for those working in the industry to stay awake, while slaving over spreadsheets. Even the most enthusiast programmatic specialist Acquire Online's programmatic director Zane Furtado admits that it isn't always easy to keep staff interested.      

"As much as I love being a part of this industry, passion can run dry when it comes to excel sheets," Furtado says.

So in a bid to keep his team interested—and awake at their desks—Furtado has introduced an initiative that he dubs 'Game of RTB'. 


"I figured that gamifying the daily routine could add some serious value. I could diminish excel fatigue and keeping my team engaged, entertained, alert and competitive. Nobody likes losing."

Staff members are scored according to their performance, winning points for categories such as innovating on a campaign, finding the optimum bid price and spotting an error. 



All staff members have chosen an alter ego, which is accompanied with a quirky trading card (the always-humble Furtado has a casual 3,000 out of 3,000 on his card).

Furtado says he also sees this as a good way to teach young programmatic professionals about the skills necessary to succeed in the industry.  

"Nobody goes to school to learn this stuff yet," he says.  

"I have interviewed a lot of people, from media buyers and publisher sales, and have quickly realised that most traditional buyers and direct sales team don’t fully understand or adapt to the dynamics of RTB."

He says after an extensive search has now appointed four graduates to roles at Acquire Online.     

"We introduced them to 10 platforms and walked them through all campaigns from planning to setup, creative and pixel implementations, optimisation, reporting and results," he says.

While the game of RTB is only in its infancy, we secretly hope that it garners a cult following of programmatic experts, who become so obsessed with it thatVice decides to make a documentary about it.   


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WTF is Programmatic Buying?

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"The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it" - Elbert Hubbard


Every day there’s talk of some new marketing tactic, tech innovation, or other challenge that will threaten (or increase) the adoption of programmatic marketing. It is a term that has grown in usage - and led to much confusion.

Programmatic simply means automated. A lot of people confuse it with buying ads through computer-run auctions -- known as real-time bidding -- but that's just one way to buy ads programmatically. At its core, programmatic buying is any ad buy that gets processed through machines.

Here are a few things to get you started:

- Programmatic buying gives you the opportunity to buy quality inventory from top publishers at competitive prices

- You can make smarter decisions about which sites to buy from and which audience made the most sense to buy

- It allows advertisers to buy individual advertising impressions from publishers via an auction-based system where machines make decisions in milliseconds

-  Programmatic buying is NOT all about cheap, remnant inventory, where marketers pay pennies for ads appearing on unpopular web pages or unprofessional blogs. Based on your campaign objectives, you can setup a strategy to target top publishers in a particular category during peak times. This is referred to as “premium programmatic” and is routinely sold at cost per thousand (CPM) rates from $15 (display) to $25 (video)—and in certain cases, higher rates 

- It gives you a range of targeting options like category targeting, weather targeting, day parting, 3rd party data targeting, keyword targeting, device and browser targeting and many more options

- It gives you an opportunity to remarket to users who have visited your site with special offers 

- You can target users on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices

- Few jargons used are

CPM - Cost per thousand impressions

CPC - Cost per click

RTB - Real time bidding

PV/PC - Post-View and Post Click conversion

CPL/CPA - Cost per lead/acquisition

CTR - Click through rate (Clicks/Impressions)

VTR - View through rate


“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.”







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